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Kanda rose is somewhat off the beaten track for the average back packer, but those of good heart and a feel for the rural/organic north Indian mountain way of life ….this I would say is for them.
You need to well organized , open minded , happy in your own company as well as others……oh yeah and co exist with the family which can include infants ,teenagers immediate and extended family and the odd cameo!!!!!…….oh yeah and this guy Sadu who is a very helpful person.

The day will start at 5am as this is when the typical Indian working day starts , though you will not to get up at this time…….day ends after supper somewhere between 8 and 9 pm ,
So please be prepared to make your own entertainment!!

Types of Help

There is a multitude of help depending on the seasons respectively such as:
Farming, School teaching, construction, domestic chores or even maybe OTHER just is my advice!

Things to do in your spare time:

There is walking, internet in Kanda market, plenty of temples JUST ASK IS MY ADVICE!!! Walking the pet dog!!! Bageshwar is only a 40 minute trip away and cheap only 70 rupees for a round trip. (shared jeep crazy but fun and you get to see the Himalayas!!
My discoveries were natural water features and a company of native monkeys and JUST ASK!!!!!AND BRING PLENTY OF BOOKS even though there is a small library including teaching resources and read material.
Me I painted listened to music and generally socialized and sunbathed!


Food is veggie apart from the odd piece of chicken or goat thrown in! You may be well to bring multi-vitamins, this is not medical advice it’s just what I did personally and it worked…….fruit, chocolate, crisps and junk food in plentiful supply also.
3 meals a day …..breakfast the main I found, lunch being smallest and supper moderate.


There is an ATM in Kanda
Women can wear western clothing but respect local customs please
It does get warm here even in winter so be open minded!
Delhi is a shocker! It is very busy, smoggy and will even blow the mind of the most hardened traveler!!! Based on this do not panic check the original volunteers for other people traveling try and arrive in the morning when flying….gives you time to think!!!
It MAYBE SAFER TO GET A CAB ALL THE WAY!!!around two hundred pounds but as it non stop you get a good rest and no hassles……this in no way demeans public travel for the more adventurous ……the prices are cheap , services regular and above safe at any time !!! JUST USE YOU COMMON SENSE AND I WOULD SAY REASERCH AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE AND TRY TO TALK TO PEOPLE WHO HAVE TRAVELLED!!!
Indian SIM cards are cheap and readily available.
Smoking is ok but for women I would say be discreet AND STRICTLY NO BOOZE!!!

POLLY GEMMA COOPER (pollygemmacooper@googlemail.com) please e-mail any time and I will help you.  Date of this transcript 25th November 2010

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Hari & I are spending 2 weeks in India, thus far the first week has been the most exciting and rewarding week, we have spent 5 days with the Verma family.

The weather here has been a little cold, but what do you expect when you come in winter time, the weather may have been cold and wet but the welcome was very warm.

We arrived after nearly 20 hours travel by bus and car from New Delhi, the bus journey was very memorable, as it was very basic, cold and crowded.
Mr Verma met us in Hardwani, and never have we been so happy to see a stranger.
We had a long taxi drive to Kanda, but this was very comfortable, in spite of the rough roads.
As we traveled for 7 further hours to Kanda we stopped and ate, at many of the shops along the way, the food was amazing.

When we reached the village and The Rose cottage, we were pleasantly surprised by the standard of accommodation; the room although basic in UK standards, had electricity a bed and very nicely decorated walls.
The Verma family made us so welcome, making us the best cups of tea I have tasted.
Then there was the food this was really really good, all home cooked and very very welcome after a long journey.
The Verma family have been so good to us, and we have gained so much from working on the community centre, making bricks, and visiting the village and playing with the children and giving gifts.
The new year was spent with the Verma family and this was magnificent, we had a special meal made for us, and shared some nice rum.

Overall the experience has been amazing and we look forward to coming to Kanda again in the future.

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