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visitors helping poor community

visitors helping poor community

Sara, Elena and Marcelo introducing  fruits to ROSE kids on  18-05-2013

Sara canadian visitor teaching song 17-05-2013

Sara, Elena and Marcelo distributing fruits to ROSE kids   18-May -2013

Hello and greetings from Kanda!  My name is Marcelo Argueta, I am currently a volunteer at R.O.S.E.with Sara Gold we are

from Canada and Lena from Germany, who is currently helping Jeevan Verma, the head of

the NGO, with some computer work as well as helping with the kids of the school he runs

and helping with the family with their seasonal agriculture.  It has been a really great

experience for me. In my first weeks of volunteering here, I have helped with their

cultivation of wheat, daal (lentils), coriander seed, garlic and other crops. Monsoon

season is near which means there is much work to be done. Morning are usually spent at

the primary school assisting in a school curriculum of Hindi, English and Math. The kids

are numerous and come from very poor families, therefore are usually very happy at

receiving the care and attention of volunteers. The kids are dismissed at 12:30 and

volunteers go back to the homestay for lunch. Afternoons are usually spent helping the

family with agriculture and getting to know the village.   There is a small fee for

staying with host family  which includes accommodation and food. This fee depends on howSara canadian visitor introducing  her gift bring from home for ROSE kids 18-05-2013

long we  plan on staying with ROSE .  This is an incredible experience,

Marcelo Argueta

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