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As we sift through our busy city lives we tend to forget the minimal ties of life under the duress of the extreme work and stress for ascending the corporate ladder. We forget to connect with each other. These conditions take an extreme toll on our mental and physical being leading to various disorders.

Coming to Kanda is a refreshing experience for a busy couple like us and can make anyone reconnect to the nature coupled with some good moments with the VERMA family. MR VERMA is a gem of a person immersed in organic farming, his own school and other social activities. The silhouette of the rustic surrounding soothes the nerves and acts as a detoxifier for both the mind and the body. The aroma of the fresh mint and basil freshly brewed with green tea leaves rejuvenate us with energy for the whole day. The climbs and coming down of the nearby villages and meeting new people can leave an indelible mark as to how simply people live here. The pristine mountains in the backdrop of the home-stay unit make us believe that life is indeed a bed of roses. The pet dogs and the cats add to the village feel along with the mooing of the cows early in the morning. The bloom of flowers in the school campus complements the small kids studying their fruits and vegetables from their Sir. The local shops act as the bridge between the frugal village life and the corporates   trying to enter the rural markets. A special mention must be done for the organic farm fresh KUMAONI food that my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed during the short stint.

We heartily thank MR VERMA for endowing us with the opportunity to come and have a taste of his life and work. We shall forever cherish the memories of this magnificent and majestic town nestled in the hills of KUMAON region of UTTARAKHAND.

Soumi C Banerjee,

Independent Researcher,

Qr no C-27, IRMA, Anand- 388001


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By Regina Bilro ~
It was the adventure spirit and the will to help others that took
Ana Cardetas, from Pena, to do volunteer help in India. About two months ago, the 27 years old young went with a friend to Kanda, a small village in the North of India, where she helped in a small community for almost 2 weeks. Although short, the experience opened her eyes and really changed the way to face life. Amazed with the extreme poverty of that people, Ana decided to continue to help that village , promoting the NGO , which had collaborated with.

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