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visitors helping poor community

visitors helping poor community

Sara, Elena and Marcelo introducing  fruits to ROSE kids on  18-05-2013

Sara canadian visitor teaching song 17-05-2013

Sara, Elena and Marcelo distributing fruits to ROSE kids   18-May -2013

Hello and greetings from Kanda!  My name is Marcelo Argueta, I am currently a volunteer at R.O.S.E.with Sara Gold we are

from Canada and Lena from Germany, who is currently helping Jeevan Verma, the head of

the NGO, with some computer work as well as helping with the kids of the school he runs

and helping with the family with their seasonal agriculture.  It has been a really great

experience for me. In my first weeks of volunteering here, I have helped with their

cultivation of wheat, daal (lentils), coriander seed, garlic and other crops. Monsoon

season is near which means there is much work to be done. Morning are usually spent at

the primary school assisting in a school curriculum of Hindi, English and Math. The kids

are numerous and come from very poor families, therefore are usually very happy at

receiving the care and attention of volunteers. The kids are dismissed at 12:30 and

volunteers go back to the homestay for lunch. Afternoons are usually spent helping the

family with agriculture and getting to know the village.   There is a small fee for

staying with host family  which includes accommodation and food. This fee depends on howSara canadian visitor introducing  her gift bring from home for ROSE kids 18-05-2013

long we  plan on staying with ROSE .  This is an incredible experience,

Marcelo Argueta


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Great expercience living a natural style of life that the occidental
people have forgotten.Simple people ,simple life.
Jeevan and his family are Indian traditional family.They were very
nice with me.I showed the works that they do every day.Normaly They
don’t use machinery only use their hands to work.
I enjoyed cooking for the children of the school and playing with
them.I relived the moments when I was young,my spirit becameEneko Compos Spanish visitor wearing Indian woolen half cot presented by host -ROSE home stay on 01-01-2013
youngest.Local children are strong and natural.And like the local
women and men They feel the natural sense of the life.I admire this
style of life.I will come back again.

Eneko Campos
Urbialde plaza 5 2. eskubi

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I have spend two weeks in ROSE Kanda.I stayed with homestay family, which made my

experience even better as I could see how they live their lifes every day.They took care

of me as their own member of family.
I gained experience of bricks making.They don’t use any machine to do that all is made by

hand. It is hard work but it was very riwarding and I learned new skill.
Mr. Verma and his son took me to see carpet making.It was very fascinating to see how the

carpets are made, I was very surprised how long take to make one carpet.
At the time I was there, they had Holi celebrations, It was very interesting to see

ceremony and how familys and friend gets together and celebrate this amazing festival.
I got to see how local people in rural areas lives,how hard their lifes are and

understand more their culture.
This life changing experience which I’ll never forget made me appriciate my life even

more and I hope I’ll get chance to come back again one day.

from Slovakia

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I spent about two weeks in Kanda and loved every minute of it. Mr Verma and his family are very friendly, I felt immediately at home after arrival. The food was locally grown and organic, cooked to perfect Kumaon taste by the lovely daughter in law and Mrs Verma. People in Kanda live a very self sufficient life style which I think will be the trend for the future. Mr Verma seemd to …be very eco minded and also a very keen gardener, which I found very impressive.

During my stay in Kanda, I was involved in teaching in the local school, painting the walls of a classroom for a nursery, helping out with cooking, breaking stones for brick making, playing with the dog and cat and making short trips to the nearby town Bageshwar. Everyday I experienced something new. Locally people are very friendly and welcoming that made me feel even more at home.

On Indepence day we watched the ceremony held by the nursary, kids performed singing, dancing and poetry reading and their talents were very very impressive.

I also had the opportunity to visit a family shrine and learn from the owner different religous and cultural facts.

Overall, the experience I had in Kanda can only be discrided as fantastic and unforgettable. Never before had I been so involved in a cutural so deeply and almost in every aspect of their life. Kanda is definitley the place to be if you want real experience of North India.

By Guimin Ma from England
Email: guiminma@gmail.com

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Jeevan Paying Guest Unite celeberated rakhi festival on 13th August 2011 with overseas guests / global family members, A sacred thread tied by UK sister Anita on the wrist of her Indian brother Jeevan as a mark of affaction ( that bind the brother to protact her in time of crissis) on Rakhi festival .

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Some photos of Godess Parwati worship on 08-08-2011 at Jeevan’s house.

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We organised a Godess Parwati (Lord Shiva’s wife) pooja (worship)on 8th July 2011, our home stay Village Eco tourists enjoying and increesing knowledg about Spritual India, enjoyed unique cooking / festival meal,community particaption, celebration dresses and relegious Hindu customs / traditions.They enjoying with the taking photos , communicating with the community members and gaining experiences about Indian relegious celebration.

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