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Volunteering Tourism   Rural India —-
Rural Organisation for Social Elevation (R.O.S.E.) was founded by a group from the Kanda community as a registered Non-governmental organization (NGO), in the village of Sunargaon of Kanda, District- Bageshwar, State- Uttarakhand, India.

ROSE Volunteering, Mostly International volunteers, Students, Donors, Social Activists, Budget Tourists, Eco Tourists, Holiday Tourists like .

Welcome to you, we have 15 to 20 children in nursery to 1st class , you can do any project with them such as teaching English / art/ craft/ rhyme/ play / yoga /nutrition /value education to small kids, computer networking, fund raising, building construction(if funds allow), organic farming/WWOOFing, house keeping, cooking and other according to the time. You can also visit villages, craft site, nature site, cultural exchange, home stay, livelihood study, local cooking, life style and others. I hope you would like to contribute your home stay charges and opportunity fee on arrival, since ROSE is a grass root NGO and volunteering is its livelihood program for the community .We need tourist visa for your stay.

Each volunteer needs to contribute for 2 weeks Rs.2, 000 for administration fee +Rs.8,000/- for project opportunity + Rs.9, 900/- for home stay lodging and boarding. Total (Rs.19, 900/-) non refundable. If you have any problem then you tell us, we would like to help you. If you have any fund raising opportunity for any project we greatly appreciate it, if not, don’t worry, you can participating in going micro project.
Participate in our international volunteer programs to learn about—

  1. Teaching English and learning Hindi language
  2. Eco Rural Tourism
  3. Architecture and Eco Construction
  4. Environment
  5. NGO management 
  6. Learn Indian cooking
  7.  Aggregate block Making
  8.  Website design

9- Organic Farming / Gardening, Composting

10-Local skill learning.

The major activities involve teaching at ROSE Public School, Organic farming and construction, Film Shooting, Photography, Film making, Nature walk, Biodiversity watching, Ecotourism , Educational tourism, Home stay.

Tourists/Volunteers can live with the family and learn about our culture while enjoying the nature.

We run projects all year round, for people who want to experience life in rural India and the foothills of the Himalayas.

Your small change can make a big difference to people living in hill area

-Mr. Jeevan Verma


ROSE on Google maps: http://goo.gl/fUc8wC , http://goo.gl/eMmyug, Rose Public School is here : http://goo.gl/HaV3ir


Mobile-+918954868561 or +919412167186

Email- jeevanverma@rosekanda.org,    jlverma.rosekanda@gmail.com

https://vimeo.com/ 16297812




https://www.facebook.com/martin.burrows3/videos/1017247724998768/flower 039JPGU, Rudra 297IMG 4872-Wedding at home party mealIMG_4464Sam from  UK  and Raisa from Germany visitors teaching to ROSE kids on   13-11-2014

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My name is Claire Ferguson, a Program Leader with Operation Groundswell, located in Toronto, Canada
Operation Groundswell is a Toronto based organization that organizes and facilitates 6-week educational and volunteer backpacking programs throughout the world for youth aged 18-30.

Welcome: We were warmly welcomed by the family. The guesthouse was very clean and we felt right at home! Even though it was late, they had dinner ready.
Homestay: The homestay was fantastic. Jeevan’s family is very kind and made us feel like part of the family. It was easy to spend hours lounging around the house.
Family and Food: Gunja cooks so much! I can’t believe how much food is prepared in such a small kitchen. Everything was delicious, and all our participants with allergies or particular food needs were accommodated. There was always LOTS of food, and although we aren’t used to eating so late at night, we were certainly always very hungry once dinner time came around.
Nature: The area is beautiful , although the thought of leopards made it scary to go to the bathroom at night.
Project: I think we were able to contribute what we could to the project, though we weren’t always sure we were being helpful. It wasn’t always clear who decided which member of the community would receive the toilet (whether the community at large decided, or whether the Verma family decided). It would have been nice to know more about the family that we were building the toilet for, to get to know them and their situation, or to learn more about the importance of a clean santitation system, as it is something we often take for granted at home.
Culture: Jeevan did a great job exposing is to Kamaon culture, bringing us to many temples in the area, and inviting us to part of a wedding ceremony. We weren’t really sure what the ceremony was for before we went, but we found out. More information about the marriage process would be interesting.
Community: I think we integrated really well into the Verma family, but didn’t engage much with the rest of the community. Everyone seemed very friendly and welcoming though.
Claire Ferguson
Toronto, Ontario
canada group with wedding 02-06-2016 011

canada group with wedding 02-06-2016 014

canada group with wedding 02-06-2016 054

canada group with wedding 02-06-2016 075

canada group with wedding 02-06-2016 205

canada group with wedding 02-06-2016 226

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Gethin Jenkins

My Stay At R.O.S.E Kanda

Over the past four weeks of my stay here in Kanda I can quite easily say I have thoroughly enjoyed myself. From the first day I was made to feel very welcome by everyone within the family, and the bonds and friendships I made only grew with each day that passed.

I really like the atmosphere here at R.O.S.E where everything is done at your own pace and I was able to help out as much or as little as I wanted. Within an hour of arriving I was helping with the construction of a new storage room which will ensure greater future success for the dairy pilot project the Verma’s have taken up. At the same time, I also had plenty of opportunity to just sit under the porch and chat to the other volunteers, read or write up my journal.

For the last 3 weeks, I helped out in the school nearly everyday, helping children there between the ages of 7-11 further their English. I was really impressed by the standard of their English given their young age and slightly taken aback by their overwhelming enthusiasm to learn; their eagerness to receive a ‘good’, ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’ written in their books! My grasp of English was put to further good use when helping Gotham with his reading homework most nights.

The food here is fantastic and any concerns I had prior to coming about the infamous “Delhi Belly” were unnecessary. 3 large, healthy, tasty meals a day, with the insistence usually that I have seconds, – what more could I ask for!

Because you are considered more a member of the family here than a guest, I was able to get a real appreciation for the Indian way of life, witnessing close up its culture and taking part in the various celebrations that always seem to be going on – the excitement that all the children had on Independence Day for example, as they paraded up and down the streets singing and chanting, was particularly memorable. It was also a fun and interesting experience to accompany the family on a trip to a nearby temple where I gained a close-up experience of the Hindu faith in practice.

There was plenty of opportunity to explore the surrounding area, and I embarked on plenty of walks within the foothills and took a number of jeep-shares to the nearby town of Bageshwar. With every trip I seemed to meet new and interesting people who approached me out of curiosity or a simple desire to practice their English. I also made a 3 day trip to Nanital, about 8 hours away. The town, centered around a lake, reminded me much of the Lake District landscape back at home, and it was definitely worth the trip.

My four weeks here seems to have flown by, and I guess that’s further evidence that I have enjoyed my time here. I think all that remains to be said is thank you once again to Mr. Verma and his family for being so welcoming. I definitely intend on keeping in contact and supporting the projects here in any way I can. I hope my links with Durham university students could prove useful.

All the best,

Gethin.020KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAROSE kids learning painting at class  23-11-2013

Gap year opportunity RoseKanda1

Jeevan Verma with ROSE kids 07-12-2013

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visitors helping poor community

visitors helping poor community

Sara, Elena and Marcelo introducing  fruits to ROSE kids on  18-05-2013

Sara canadian visitor teaching song 17-05-2013

Sara, Elena and Marcelo distributing fruits to ROSE kids   18-May -2013

Hello and greetings from Kanda!  My name is Marcelo Argueta, I am currently a volunteer at R.O.S.E.with Sara Gold we are

from Canada and Lena from Germany, who is currently helping Jeevan Verma, the head of

the NGO, with some computer work as well as helping with the kids of the school he runs

and helping with the family with their seasonal agriculture.  It has been a really great

experience for me. In my first weeks of volunteering here, I have helped with their

cultivation of wheat, daal (lentils), coriander seed, garlic and other crops. Monsoon

season is near which means there is much work to be done. Morning are usually spent at

the primary school assisting in a school curriculum of Hindi, English and Math. The kids

are numerous and come from very poor families, therefore are usually very happy at

receiving the care and attention of volunteers. The kids are dismissed at 12:30 and

volunteers go back to the homestay for lunch. Afternoons are usually spent helping the

family with agriculture and getting to know the village.   There is a small fee for

staying with host family  which includes accommodation and food. This fee depends on howSara canadian visitor introducing  her gift bring from home for ROSE kids 18-05-2013

long we  plan on staying with ROSE .  This is an incredible experience,

Marcelo Argueta

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Great expercience living a natural style of life that the occidental
people have forgotten.Simple people ,simple life.
Jeevan and his family are Indian traditional family.They were very
nice with me.I showed the works that they do every day.Normaly They
don’t use machinery only use their hands to work.
I enjoyed cooking for the children of the school and playing with
them.I relived the moments when I was young,my spirit becameEneko Compos Spanish visitor wearing Indian woolen half cot presented by host -ROSE home stay on 01-01-2013
youngest.Local children are strong and natural.And like the local
women and men They feel the natural sense of the life.I admire this
style of life.I will come back again.

Eneko Campos
Urbialde plaza 5 2. eskubi

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In Mansoon time every where greenery,looking bueatyful sight seeing, local community members bessy at the farm , visiting relegious place/ temples,enjoying festivels and faire.Some worldwide visitors visited here and enjoyed with the community.
We run an Rural Community based Home stay Eco- Community Based Rural Tourism and Volunteer programme in the village- Sunargaon of Kanda, Distt- Bageshwar, Uttarakhand, India. We run projects all year round, for people who want to experience life in rural India and the foothills of the Himalayas. These activities involve teaching at a local school, faming and construction. Tourists/Volunteers are able to live with the family and learn about our culture with enjoying the nature.
https://rosekanda.wordpress.com/ ,
Mobile- + 91 941216786 or Jeetendra- 8954868561or Deepak7409927834
Email- jlverma_rosekanda@hotmail.com ;
jlverma.rosekanda@gmail.com ,
jeevan_rosekanda@yahoo.com ,

Mr. Jeevan Verma

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Rural Organisation For Social Elevation start new ROSE public School at Village Sunargaon, Kanda, District- Bageshwar , State- Uttarakhand,India.

Mr Sanjiv Goel and Mrs Depa Goeland Vedang visited Sunargaon from Saudi Arabia on 3rd July 2012, Mr Sanjiv 40 years, B.Com,ICWA,working in Saudi Arabia as Chief -Planing Costing & Budgeting in JESCO have 18th years experience and Mrs Depa 35 years , M.Com.B.Ed.,providing volunteer teaching service in school in Saudi arabia ,both keen interest in spreding and providing education to less privileged. children at grassroot lavel.

ROSE volunteer Director mr Jeevan Verma provided necessaries for the opening the School and on 6th July 2012 the ROSE privet School bigining ceremony celeberated,Local children and their parents attended ,Mr Sanjiv express about the mission and Mr Jeevan promiss to manage successfully for the emplimentation of the mission.

https://rosekanda.wordpress.com/ ,
Mobile- + 91 941216786 or Jeetendra- 8954868561or Deepak7409927834
Email- jlverma_rosekanda@hotmail.com ;
jlverma.rosekanda@gmail.com ,
jeevan_rosekanda@yahoo.com ,

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On 14th April 2012 Abdial public School Annual Day celebrated, students sow their telent ,Lukan visitor from Germany also participated with Mr Jeevan verma on the Day.

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I have spend two weeks in ROSE Kanda.I stayed with homestay family, which made my

experience even better as I could see how they live their lifes every day.They took care

of me as their own member of family.
I gained experience of bricks making.They don’t use any machine to do that all is made by

hand. It is hard work but it was very riwarding and I learned new skill.
Mr. Verma and his son took me to see carpet making.It was very fascinating to see how the

carpets are made, I was very surprised how long take to make one carpet.
At the time I was there, they had Holi celebrations, It was very interesting to see

ceremony and how familys and friend gets together and celebrate this amazing festival.
I got to see how local people in rural areas lives,how hard their lifes are and

understand more their culture.
This life changing experience which I’ll never forget made me appriciate my life even

more and I hope I’ll get chance to come back again one day.

from Slovakia

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Dear Jeevan and all involved with Jeevan Paying Guest Unit’
Thank you for a wonderful stay I thoroughly enjoyed my self .The volunteering was flexible and well organised. I wish I could stay longer in Kanda and India , as this place is friendly and full of great volunteers. ROSE gave me the opportunity to meet many people and in very thankful. From construction with local community people and maths class in the School, the options available are fantastic. The local Indian food is pretty good too! I will check the web side regularly for developments.
All the best guys!
Email- mattbreakell@hotmail.com
20 August 2011

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