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I have stayed for 10 days at Kanda and it has been very interesting to live with a local

family in Uttarakhand. Kanda is a beautiful place and the trekking in the area was

wonderful. Also helping the community by teaching their childeren was great. The family

and local people were very friendly. They invented me at a wedding and it was a unique

experience. Staying at ROSE Kanda has been great to experience India in a more authentic

way.  Mattheu Colle Belgium collematthieu@hotmail.comMattheu writing feedback 06-06-2013 ROSE kids playing on  04-06-2013 Mattheu teaching ROSE kids 04-06-2013 Mattheu from Belgeam with the ROSE kids 01-06-2013 Bhany offering chocklet on his birth day 30-05-2013 Matthu teaching to ROSE Kids 30-05-2013

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