The first thing that amazed me was the beautiful nature of Kanda. As soon as I came here it felt like heaven. I can say that I can’t think of better place to stay than ROSE Home Stay. Jeevan Sir and his family made me very comfortable here right from the very first day.

Teaching kids at the ABDIAL public school was a great experience. The teachers and staff at the school was very supportive. There is a lot of talent to be found in the school kids. The students were energetic and always eager to learn.

The food was another thing that I enjoyed. Along with being simple and healthy it was also very delicious. The climate was very clean and it was a blessing to see the greenery and hills all around you.

I would like to thank Jeevan Sir and his family for making my stay memorable. I would definitely want to visit this place again.

Rushikesh Kher

Student of Flame University Pune.





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I am Dipesh Agarwal, and I am an offbeat travel blogger. I will be writing about the promotion of rural, offbeat, farm and village tourism in Uttarakhand.
I want to document your village tourism prospect in my travel blog The Himalayan Traveler. I would like to increase the concerns about responsible, village and farm tourism and hence promote this market by sharing it with my readers the treasure of farms, villages.

Mr. Jeevan Verma has been running this place for over 28 years now. His experience in Volunteering Tourism is phenomenal and is very involved in the development of the Village. The village is out of the world beautiful with cattle at his home. I first time got to tend cows and sheep. The place is very lively and the village folks are simply18-08-2017Dipesh Agrawal 220170813_174049.jpg2017-08-21Dipesh helping fodder mixing.jpg02-07-2017d.JPG honest and friendly. The accommodation is decent with shared rooms and shared washroom which is kept clean and Hygenic. I got to stay with the family and eat traditional Kumaoni Food. Which was tasty and healthy. I also taught in a local school which was an amazing experience. Overall I had a brilliant stay there. a definite must visit if you want to go back to basics.

Activites at ROSELOGO

It is my humble request if I can find a sponsor who will fund the organization so that we can be able to assist the less privileged population  in Kanda, Bageshwar, Uttarakhand County India.Thanks


Aim- Social Elevation for rural population through Education,Technical Education, Rural development ,Watershed  management, Rural Tourism , Non conventional energy, Culture, Social, Disaster  management ,Environment ,Local Self Governance (Panchayati Raj) , Khadi village industry .

Action — Education ,training, Pilot demonstration, Project proposal preparation,  Project implementation, Awareness creation , Motivation,  Networking,  Documentation, Project supervision , Project evaluation,  Field visit, Meetings , Interaction.

Rural Organisation for Social Elevation (R.O.S.E.) was founded by a group from the Kanda community as a registered Non-governmental organization (NGO).

It works at grassroots level, appealing to the community to become active participants in developing a better life for themselves. It is the goal of R.O.S.E. to improve the health, education, socioeconomic, rural development, eco development and quality of life of the rural poor in this region while maintaining cultural integrity and ecological balance. This goal is realized through a programme which brings donors  to Kanda, and assist financially  in the rural development projects of R.O.S.E. ROSE implement community All Education , Training,,Social development  service, Income generation, Health care, Rural development,Tourism development, Eco development , Livelihood, Organic farming, Non conventional energy ,Cultural development ,Environment  protection, Disaster management,Watershed management, Panchayatyraj, Khadi village industry  and universal friendship .

National Gopal Ratna Award winner cow “Rupa ” in the 11th states of Hill and North East Zone and other dairy cows at Jeevan’s dairy Village- Sunargaon,(Kanda), District-Bageshwar, State- Uttarakhand, India01

film-shooting-007film-shooting-003rahul-h-pandey-film-shooting-077rahul-h-pandey-film-shooting-052rahul-h-pandey-film-shooting-025rahul-h-pandey-film-shooting-017rahul-h-pandey-film-shooting-015OUR MISSION: The film will inspire viewers to seek inner peace. They will understand that peace each individual has to create by one’s self. War is what creates the crowd, the nation, the politician, the ideologies. Peace, individual has to discover.

arrival at ROSE Home Stay ,Village-Sunargaon,(Kanda) ,District-Bageshwar,(Kumaon),State- Uttarakhand,India , 1-Rahul Himanti Pandey ,Documentary Film Director ,Mumbai . 2- Brooke Bierhaus USA, Assistant Director. 3- Max Faublas France ,Assistant Director

4-Olga Diunoua ,Ukrain/ Moscow, Russia, group member . 5- Angelika Kosnala,Germany,group member . 6- Rokas Gecevicius ,Lithuania ,group member. 7- Aleksey Tarazanov,Guide ,Russia ,group member. 8-Lionel Martimez , France, group member. https://www.google.com/…/data=!3m1!4b1!4m8!4m7!1m0!1m5!1m1!… Follow our facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/ROSEKanda.volunteering/ Instagram: @r.o.s.e.kanda ROSE mapped on google maps : http://goo.gl/fUc8wC https://vimeo.com/16297812 https://youtu.be/ag0oSPUB0zA https://youtu.be/I6b80l70xUY https://youtu.be/OwOEWo0dBMo https://www.facebook.com/martin.burrows3/videos/1017247724998768/ http://www.volunteeringindiahimalayarosekanda.org

Mobile- +91 8954868561 or + 91 9412167186 Email: jeevanverma@rosekanda.org jlverma.rosekanda@gmail.com #‎ Uttarakhand Home Stay #‎HomeStay #‎villagetourism ‪#‎villagetourismindia ‪#‎ruraltourism ‪#‎ruraltourismindia #‎rosekanda ‪#‎kanda‪ #‎rosekanda ‪#‎ngo #‎education ‪#‎volunteertourism ‪#‎volunteer ‪#‎teaching ‪#‎teachingchildren ‪#‎freeeducation ‪#‎teachforindia ‪#‎uttarakhand ‪#‎volunteerindia #teachingvolunteer ‪#‎teachingkids ‪#‎ Volunteering Overseas #‎Holiday in Rural India. https://www.facebook.com/groups/267182733381415/requests/…


flower 038.jpgDanae from Quebec, Canada

Being welcomed here as a member of a family made me feel lucky, privileged and grateful. I have for 3 weeks now ,it has been 3 weeks of discovery, learning and tranquility , We are 2 tourists here Sarah a British girl and my self. Most off all we lived in Indian family and that is what I come here for. Despite the hard work in the heat , all the family is always  happy and laughing and Sajju (Jeevan’s youngest son)is always ready to play. We help the Mr Verma’s daughters  to  preparing  meals, peeling and cutting vegetables, It is a lot of work but Deepti always cooks delicious meals with smile and happiness.

I am now aware of what is needed ,in terms of money and help for supporting social help such school for poor children and building of new sanitary installations. I haven’t been here long enough to start big help but even the smallest thing done here help the population around ,For Example Mr Verma employs people to service providers for the tourists here and this gives job to persons that otherwise wouldn’t have one.

I had very interesting conversations with Mr verma about his country and with the girls about what they like , about the differences between our countries ,about their lives. I shared their  happy  moments as well as their difficulties and this is something I will always remember.


Soumi C Banerjee, Independent Researcher, IRMA, Anand- GUJARAT represented  the case of R.O.S.E in the tourism conference of University of Surrey in London in 22nd July 2016.

As we sift through our busy city lives we tend to forget the minimal ties of life under the duress of the extreme work and stress for ascending the corporate ladder. We forget to connect with each other. These conditions take an extreme toll on our mental and physical being leading to various disorders.

Coming to Kanda is a refreshing experience for a busy couple like us and can make anyone reconnect to the nature coupled with some good moments with the VERMA family. MR VERMA is a gem of a person immersed in organic farming, his own school and other social activities. The silhouette of the rustic surrounding soothes the nerves and acts as a detoxifier for both the mind and the body. The aroma of the fresh mint and basil freshly brewed with green tea leaves rejuvenate us with energy for the whole day. The climbs and coming down of the nearby villages and meeting new people can leave an indelible mark as to how simply people live here. The pristine mountains in the backdrop of the home-stay unit make us believe that life is indeed a bed of roses. The pet dogs and the cats add to the village feel along with the mooing of the cows early in the morning. The bloom of flowers in the school campus complements the small kids studying their fruits and vegetables from their Sir. The local shops act as the bridge between the frugal village life and the corporate   trying to enter the rural markets. A special mention must be done for the organic farm fresh KUMAONI food that my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed during the short stint.

We heartily thank MR VERMA for endowing us with the opportunity to come and have a taste of his life and work. We shall forever cherish the memories of this magnificent and majestic town nestled in the hills of KUMAON region of UTTARAKHAND.

Soumi C Banerjee,

Independent Researcher,



Shubhonoy Banerjee

Independent Researcher,

Institute of Rural Management Anand (IRMA)

Anand- 388001


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