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Raisa Spiller, 20 years old from Germany                                                                                                                 spiller.raisa@gmail.com

I`m writing this report after spending 10 weeks in Sunargon and it`s just not possible to describe all my experience. It loses a lot in the telling, but I try to explain three improtant parts of my life here – circumstances, school and the hostfamily.

Before I came to Sunargon I knew the fact that I can`t expect the same comfort like in Germany, but it`s so much different to went trough this in reality. The first week i weren`t used to take a shower without running hot water, but with a bucket outside the house. I even don`t explain much more about the “toilet.” The content of my room was just a bed. Maybe that does not sound nice for other people, but i promise: That was one of the best experience. After some days I got used to this all and it was nothing special anymore. I` m sure i`ll always be thank thankful for such a comfort at my own home and respect this much more.

You aren`t making the world better while teaching poor children at school, but it`s a great step in the right direction. It was amazing to witness the development of all the children. At first the communication with them wasn`t fluent, but later they start to express their needs and feelings also in English like “May I go to toilet?” or “Please, give me a Biscuit.” I teached for my very first time, but i`m sure the children learned als something from me while studying English, doing handicrafts, playing games, dancing or singing songs like “Monkey Dance”. I wish those smart lovely children all the best and hope the`ll continue their education after primary school. I`m so thankful to Mr. Verma that he runs this school and give all those poor children a chance for a better life. That`s what I call a good human. Please, never give up this project!!!Jeevan's family with visitors 16-11-2014 Raisa with snow ball pappy 12-11-2014 Raisa with the family 12-11-2014 ROSE kids  with Raisa 11-2014 Sam UK and raisa Germany 11-2014 weding celeberation 30-11-2014

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