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Sam Beckett, 22, UK.


I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at ROSE Kanda. The two weeks I have spent with Jeevan and co have been a real eye-opener for me and an enriching experience that I will not forget.

Jeevan and his family have been fantastic during the two weeks here. Excellent Indian food is served three times a day by   Hema, Chandra and Jeevan and you cannot go an hour without the children and grandchildren of Jeevan checking up on you and offering you a cup of chai. The accommodation is very comfortable and I was so well catered for at all times. They often politely decline the offer of help at meal times to give you time to relax. As you walk into the local market, everybody is pleased to see you and many greet you with a handshake and wish you a good day, which immediately puts you at ease.

The school that Jeevan has set up is a real credit to him and the others involved. He has made it a goal of his to give the poorest of children in the areas the same chances of wealthier families and he is succeeding as the children love coming to school. I looked forward to going to the school everyday, the kids faces light up when they hear nursery rhymes in English (ring a ring a roses a class favourite) and even over the 2 weeks I have watched their English progress through playing games, singing songs and basic written work. I am no teacher, but the work I and Raja did in the time was very worthwhile and the kids respond positively to the effort you put in and love your company.

During one of the many school holidays India has, we worked clearing the fields with Hema (Jeevan’s wife) ready to grow crops. This again was a great insight into local farming techniques, I was in real admiration of the work ethic of Hema and all the other farmers in the area and it puts a lot of things in perspectives as you witness them working on the fields all day.

I would recommend a home-stay at ROSE Kanda to anybody of any age as everybody can both contribute and learn from their time here. The work of Jeevan is clearly having a positive impact to the local community and the more visitors he has the better! If I had not made plans to travel, I would stay longer and would definitely look into returning given the chance.Sam ,British  and Raisa, German taking evening snaks  15-11-2014 Sam British visitor donating toys for ROSE kids 16-11-2014 Sam ,British  and Raisa, German with host family at ROSE  on 15-11-2014 Ringa- ringa roses rhyem teaching - Sam from Uk and Raisa from Germmany 15--11-2014 Sam Uk visitor at JPGU Sunargaon 13-11-2014 Sam Uk visitor teaching to ROSE kids  on 13-11-2014 Sam from  UK  and Raisa from Germany visitors teaching to ROSE kids on   13-11-2014 Sam from  UK  and Raisa from Germany visitors teaching to ROSE school kids on  13-11-2014 Sam British visitor arrived ROSE 03-11-2014

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