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RaisaSpiller – Germany—

I’ve styed 10 weeks in Kanda with the Verma family & it’s just not possible to discribe all my experience and feelings.I try to explain 3 important

parts of my time here- The remembering the life style ,the School and the family .

Before i came to india also learn the fect that i can’t expect the some comfort like in Germany ,but if you explore this in reality then it’s a really big experience .

The first week wasn’t used to take a shower with out fluent hot water, but with a bucket outside the house .Ieven don’t explane a lot to get a good result .It was great to see the development of all children .

At first i can’t communicate much with them,but later start to express their needs and feelings in English like “May i go to toilet ?” or singing song like “Monkey dance” or the “Rainbow song”.

The children are so smart, i wish them all the best and hope they will continue their education also after the primary school. I am so thankful  to Mr. Verma that he runs this school and give also those poor children a chance for a better life.That’s what call a good human.please give up your project.

Now where I become so sad the family .They really treat me like a family member.Every time  Candra or Gungan was so happy no matter what –

washing cloths clean the kitchen , wash  the cow, give the cow grass,make chapati ,straight Gunja  hair or make chai for the family .I just love all family and will miss them so much .Chandra is like a bid sister and Gunja like a realy small sister.

All the evening I mostly fight with the tow boys -Gautam and Subham both like my own brothers,or played cards with Sajju the youngest son .Gautam always makes me laugh and Sibham is one of the cutest boy ever met .

One important fact i’ve learntis that the men can be really happy to have such hard working wifes.

Thanks for all !!!

If you have the chance to live with the verma family .Please do it ! Otherwise you will miss one of the best experience in your life!!!


We run projects all year round, for people who want to experience life in rural India and the foothills of the Himalayas. These activities involve teaching at ROSE Public School,Organic farming and construction, Film Shooting, Photography, Videography , Nature walk, Biodiversity watching, Ecotourism , Educational tourism, Home stay . Hobby farms ,Tourists/Volunteers are able to live with the family and learn about our culture with enjoying the nature.
Mr. Jeevan Verma

https://vimeo.com/16297812 ,            http://youtu.be/8heynT5AW1k
Mobile- + 91 9412167186 or +91 8954868561
Email- jeevanverma@rosekanda.org  ,    jlverma.rosekanda@gmail.com

Your small change can make a big difference to people living in hill area        Raisa from Germany Jeevan Paying Guest House  23-08-2015 311 Jeevan Paying Guest House  23-08-2015 351 B-Sunargaon nature beauty 16-08-2015 024--1-- Sunargaon nature beauty 16-08-2015 027 B-Sunargaon nature beauty 16-08-2015 004

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Welcome:  Very welcoming. Beds were set up for all of us and food was ready when we arrived.

Homestay: Clean, comfortable, and safe

Family and Food: The food was always delicious and we always had enough

Nature: beautiful scenery

Project: The project was a good learning experience for our participants. I wish we could have helped more with the work, but I understand that it is difficult because we do not have the skills and we do not want to take jobs away from local people.

Culture:Mithelda, Chirag & Tamanna 005 Mithelda, Chirag & Tamanna 007 Mithelda, Chirag & Tamanna 014 IMG_4487

Community: The people here were all very friendly to us, and we are happy to help this community.

Byron Walker


Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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