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hacked id back

Dear friend my hotmail id return back please contact me my hotmail id– jlverma_rosekanda@hotmail.com
Jeevan lal Verma

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Dear friend i am pleased to inform you that my email id is hacked and   our contact people received frod  mail from that email id.
please now contact me or ROSE this email id–jlverma.rosekanda@gmail.com

Forwarding you to take measures to minimize negative effects.

Warm regards
Jeevan Lal Verma


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International Volunteer Support To Rural India


In February 2009, two US volunteers called Justin and Ethan arrived in Sonargon, Kanda, Bageshwar, Uttarakhand. They stayed in Jeevan’s paying guest unit and supported the work of ROSE (Rural Organisation for Social Elevation) in Sonargon. Many poor families in the area had no electricity and lighting, due to financial reasons they cannot afford electrical connection and the monthly bills. Many activities within the household were in difficulty such as the children doing their schoolwork, cooking, washing, cleaning etc… Elderly people and very young children are the most affected.

Justin and Ethan solved this problem by providing 8 families with solar powered home lights. (The 8 families include 3 widows, 1 abandoned and 4 others).  After the works have been completed and the lights installed the families are now much more happier as they now feel. Their day to day activities have been made easier by providing these lights.


Justin and Ethan also provided 4 street lights (3 for the Global community centre which is being built and 1 for Jeevan’s paying guest unit), many people are benefiting from these lights including the locals, volunteers, tourists and other visitors. The Volunteers also provided a further 4 solar powered home light systems for the community centre where ROSE is planning to start a fair price shop, a crèche, community meeting centre, restaurant, guest house, training centre, communication centre, pilot demonstration centre, library and other activities.


The community members and all those who benefited from these works are very happy and satisfied/ ROSE and all the members of the community are very grateful to Justin and Ethan and wish them all the Solar Energy Lighting best in the future.

The Human Problem – Life after Sunset

For the millions of villagers, life comes to a grinding halt at sunset — with no electricity, there is no light, so no ability to work or study or play. Having spent the major part of the day in the fields, the villagers can do little in the darkness. There is no light for children to study or for any family entertainment.

India has over 140 Milllion Rural Homes. Out of this some 87 Million still burn kerosene for lighting. Each family consumes between 100-150 liters of kerosene per annum.

Each liter of kerosene generates 2.6 kgs of Carbon Dioxide. Annually, this is over 22 million tons of pollution.

Carbon Dioxide is a major greenhouse gas and contributes to global warming.

Combining the sun’s energy with modern technology has now provided mankind with a better way. We try to increase the villager’s useful hours after sunset by providing them lights powered by solar energy. This digital lighting is non-polluting and eliminates the carbon dioxide being emitted from rural homes.

Technology has provided us a key part of the solution in the form of high efficiency low energy Light Emittng Diodes (LED) and Thin Film Solar solutions which can power these lighting systems even in cloudy weather situations.

How you can help

Join this movement to improve the quality of life for millions — bring light to those in darkness and help clean the environment in the process.

Together with your help, we can make a difference.

Dignity through Electricty Program — brings light to familes in darkness and creates a cleaner environment.

Use the calculator below to get an estimate for the donation required to get a specified number of products installed. The amounts are in US$, and the Total is also presented in Indian Rupees, using an approximate conversion rate of Rs.40 to US$1.

Here are some examples of what can be done:

  • Help increase the useful, usable hours of a village – with digital LED lights, their daily activities no longer need to halt at sunset.
  • Help the really stretched village housewife to perform her daily chores better — cooking, stitching, children and home management.
  • Help the village youth get better education. Help villagers who want to learn new skills after working all day in the fields.
  • Provide opportunity for new village businesses to develop.
  • Help improve personal safety, especially during monsoon months.

            Save some 20 Million tons of carbon dioxide from being added to the air we all breathe.





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